Do you think cosmetic surgery is necessary to get a good job in Korea?


Cosmetic surgery is now a big trend, and it is very common. No matter what kind of job they have, most of the people have done it once, especially 20-30 years old. But do you think it is necessary to have for korea. I don’t think so… First of all, inthesedays, I thinkour facedoes not matter. Everyone gets a job by theirability, passion, and effort. Well, there are some jobs thatneeds a handsome, prety face, but most of the jobs like comesther, forther, go ther, go ther, go ther, go ther, geta because you gets. Some companies or etc might like your pure face or personal trait as an advantage. Also, fake beauty made of surgeries might cause you badsion first imprean, the bour. When you get a surgery because you think beauty is the first is the first aget aget aget aget aget aget aget ad, Incontlusion, I don’th in the suring for good. Everyone has a different beauty standard. You only need your ability, passion and effort! 06/05/2019, Monday